The Waymires

The Waymires, a three-piece rock band from Norman, Oklahoma, was formed in 2010 by a group of friends who met while working in a shoe store. Named after their boss, Kris Waymire, the band’s sound is a bluesy, contemporary rock and roll. They released an EP in April, and they are currently working on their first studio EP.

Jon is the singer, writer, guitarist, and producer for the band, and he has experience with a range of instruments. He developed his background in soft rock and folk music. His songwriting is derived from 60s rock and R&B but plays on the themes from the current rock and roll genre.

Ian, bassist and secondary vocalist, has a background in classical and jazz bass. He spent two years at the University of Oklahoma and another year in Sweden studying the bass. Ian’s upright bass playing experience contributes to his unique style.

Brad, the drummer, completes the band. The Houston native developed his abilities through gospel music, but he has since ventured into rock and roll. His groovy style, which separates him from the stereotypical rock and roll drummer, contributes to the band’s classic sound.

We’re The Waymires.
We play rock and roll.


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