We’re Moving to Nashville! (*GASP*)

That’s right. The time has come. We are leaving our beloved Oklahome and resettling in Tennessee. (In fact, some of us already have.)


Good question. The Waymires want everybody to hear our music. There are lots of places we could go to be able to play all the time and build a comfy local following and stuff, but unfortunately Oklahoma City is not that place (not if we want to quit our day jobs [and I really want to quit my day job]).

So why Nashville? LA, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, Austin- heck, even Dallas/Ft. Worth, a whopping 2 hours’ drive- are big enough communities to support a hard-working band with good music. But we’re more than your local bar band. We’re The Waymires, and the word on the street is that Nashville’s the scene for up-and-coming rock bands right now. And we are, like, SO up-and-coming. Also, we know a guy who knows a guy, so we got that goin’ for us, which is nice.

So, expect lots of Oklahome-boy shenanigans this summer, after we’ve reunited in the Promised Land.

Tennessee ya later, baked potater!

PS- we’re playing SXSW again in March, so PREPARE YOURSELVES! Dates and venues TBA. TBA, suckas!


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