Battle of the Bands

Do you believe in the democratic process? Are you a real American? Perhaps that’s none of my business, but I still think you should vote for The Waymires at! Voting ends at 11:59p this Monday, August 12th.

From the Uproar Festival info page:
Show your support for your favorite artist by going to their page and clicking the “Vote For This Band” button.
Other ways to show your support would be to “Like” their Facebook Fan Page, Tweet about them on Twitter, or play their songs on the Battle Of The Bands band profile to help boost their rating.”

Each band in the top 100 in each “Local Market” (ours is Dallas) has an equal chance of being selected- we’re in the top 110! So follow the link, click “vote for this band,” play our songs on our Battle of the Bands profile, “Like” our Facebook, and Tweet about us, ’cause we’re SO CLOSE (to being considered).

We’re The Waymires.
We play rock and roll.


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