Another One Bites the Dust…

You know when you care about something, a big event perhaps, that ends up not happening at all? You know the feeling of preparing and getting all G’d up for the big night, just in time for it to be cancelled? The Waymires have that feeling. We and 20-odd other bands were notified yesterday that OKWOODSTOCK13 would not occur this weekend after all- after all the hype and preparation, the festival died an ignominious death.

But you know what? I bet that the genii over at Fun PR will find some way to stitch together some kind of Frankenstein festival next year. And I bet it will be awesome (also terrifying). So, after the standard mourning period of roughly 18 hours, we’ve changed out of our sackcloths, washed the ashes off our faces, and glued our hair back on. It’s time to move on to our next great adventure, studio recording! Expect our EP by the end of August. That’s only thirty days from now (*GASP*)!

We’re The Waymires.
We play rock and roll.


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