The Waymires Have a Blog?!

Well, yeah, apparently (you’re reading it). It’s just another front in our internet marketing campaign.

Me: “Hey you, do you know who would enjoy our music?
Somebody Else: “Who?”
Me: “People who can read!”
Somebody Else: “Okay. Please stop following me.”

So, readers of the world, unite(!), and then disband shortly thereafter, because THE GROUPTHINK HAS TO STOP. But before going your separate ways, take a moment to gawk at my new brainbaby, (again, you’re reading it). You know that horrible, gnawing emptiness where your soul used to be, which you’ve temporarily filled with tater tots and shame? Well, this is the answer you’ve been meaning to look for.

You: “Uuggghh… I’ll soul search AFTER another seven episodes of Game of Thrones.”

So anyway, please subscribe, or follow, or Like, or whatever it is you kids do these days. The Waymires blog: “It’s doubleplusgood!”

We’re The Waymires.
We play rock and roll.


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